Developer paintings

The flower's graphism and the infinite small

The developer painting permits me to mix two art forms that co-exist since the existence of photography. One helps the other to evolve, and vice versa. These pictures of flowers and natural details in very macro have been printed of fiber paper.

The contrast is very strong in order to simplify to the max the shapes and the graphism of the subject. The grey tones are mostly inexistant, we find ourselves in front of the very essence of the shape of the infenitesimal small, in front of its negative spaces, reducing it to a graphical shape, almost abstract. Painting with the developer permitted me to highlight even more the unique and intemporal side of what nature has to offer us. Every image is unique, like its subject. Even if I had to do the same image over again, the finish would always be different.

This project was realized with a Nikon FM, a Sigma 105mm macro lens and a supplementary lens Raynox DCR250, that gave me the relation 2:1. Films : Illford Delta 400 and HP5 Plus.