Setting out. Setting out to rediscover one's traces – to feel alive. Setting out to bare one's soul and at long last unleash the burning desire to create. Setting out on a journey of self-reinvention. This poetic approach yields a new perspective on the world, and the resulting psychological state becomes a boundless gateway to artistic creation.

My vision of the world is altered as I roam. It becomes a world populated by strange creatures, fantastic lights and decisive moments in which the images come over me in waves, filling my eyes. The lights, the moments and the situations are reduced to a mixture of life and death the very instant I lean before my subject and the image materializes like a painting in the haze. We bow politely, the ambient noise gives way to silence, and it’s as if time stands still.

Today’s world is always on the go. In our haste, we tend to rush our reflections, our gestures and our movements. How can we slow this tendency? Perhaps simply by creating images with strength and determination – images that remain behind, forever imprinted in our memories. My photos undoubtedly speak of me – but they speak of others, as well. So it is that in the context of my own wanderings, I approach the universe in the broadest possible sense. I immerse myself in the world and record contemporary moments, which then serve as a sort of mouthpiece for society. And despite this strange and sometimes disconcerting universe, what remains with us is the feeling.

Rolleiflex 3.5, portra 400 (mainly, but can vary).



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